For Parents

Cell Phone Policy:
  • Cell phones are allowed at school, but must be stored in the classroom in the provided pocket chart, or in the student's backpack.  
  • They may be used in class for assignments as the teacher permits.
  • They are not allowed outside during recess or lunch hour.
  • Students can have them after school for use, but must follow daycare rules if they attend daycare.
  • Students may not post videos, pics, etc of other students when at school or even after school, as we do not have permission from those parents.
If a student is caught with a cell phone on them the phone will be taken to the office and the phone will have to be picked up by a parent.  No exceptions.  They will also be given a referral form for you to sign and return.  If it continues to be a problem and rules are not followed additional consequences will be determined at that time.

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